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MARii Vendor Registration

Welcome to the MARii vendor registration system. All suppliers interested in doing business with MARii, including existing suppliers, must register their organization online through the MARii Vendor Registration System.

1. Suppliers should first visit the MARii website to learn about MARii. After that, suppliers must register their organization on the online Vendor Registration system by clicking the "New Vendor Registration" link on the website.

2. Once the entry is reviewed and approved, the supplier will be sent a verification email to access the login system.

3. The supplier must click the given link to access the system.

4. The supplier shall update their organization's details step-by-step until the system shows the pop-up message 'registration successful'.

5. RM10 fee will be applicable for this vendor registration

6. Suppliers may also view the available tender notices at

If you require further assistance with the registration process, please contact Thank you for your interest in partnering with us at MARii. We look forward to doing business with you.